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Review Widgets

Here's how to create your reviews widgets

The Reviews Management Platform app gives you a complete library of reviews widgets layouts to use on your website.

You need to set up the Review Sources page before being able to create a widget.

To create a widget for your website, you will need to do the following steps:

Go to Widgets / Review Widgets page.

Review Widget

Hit the button Create New Widget.

Create Widget

You can set up your widget now.

Widget Menu

Set up your layout: carousel, grid, list, or floating.

Review Widget Layout

Set up your content: widget name, organization type, and language.

Review Widget Content

Set up your review content: what to show in the review, the minimum number of stars to show, and exclude specific review sources.

Reviews Widget

Set up the colors used.

Review Widget Colors

Set up the font used.

Review Widget Fonts

You can also add custom CSS to your widget.

Review Widget Custom CSS

Don't forget to save your widget!

Review Widget Save

You can see the embed code to embed your widget on your website. Copy it!

Review Widget Code to Copy

Updated on: 14/12/2022

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